Currently have 1,426 Favorite videos on my YouTube account

At least 60% of them are dance videos. Maybe 70%. I’m under the impression that this is a lot, relative to people I know at least. I could be a freak, an information addict who finds it dumb that people don’t favorite their videos and spend 10 minutes trying to remember seemingly unrelated words to find that one hilarious video.

YouTube search: “Korea exercise sexual machine” or “weird performance crutches screaming” (if you know what this last one is, perhaps you’re as deep down the rabbit hole as I am).

Or I could be a true student of my craft, and like to organize my information intake. Addict or Student, both are happy that you can peruse my favorites by visiting or you can watch all 1,426 in a row by clicking

I periodically release material on my YouTube account as well so subscribe if you please.

I will be taking advantage of this blog to share with you new material I encounter as well as some classics from my vault, maybe with a little blurb/discussion to supplement it or evoke conversation out of you.

I will also take advantage of this blog to post/release/produce stupid shit that makes me laugh or intrigues me. It’s a free-for-all really…the name of this blog sounds deep and altruistic and a little pretentious–I admit it, I like it really. But this doesn’t preclude me from sharing with you all that crosses my mind, including the mundane, silly, and downright dumb-as-doodoo-butter.

To be honest, I did not create this blog with a certain direction in mind, not yet at least. I haven’t even begun to try and get followers, or even tell anyone about it. This would probably be the first post I publish to people. I just know I like to write, and people tell me I write good 😉 Every time I’ve tried to start a blog, I’ve quit on it in less than 2 months. First were the Xanga days, then LiveJournal during the Trevor T. Niluos days, then this past summer in Korea under You could say I learned a few things along the way, such as making a blog name that’s easy to remember (origin altruism vs original truism–what the hell was I thinking?). Also, that maybe shorter and sweeter can do more for my ADHD generation versus the long, verbose pieces of the past. Shit, I dunno man. Maybe I’ll limit myself to below a 500 word count.

What I do know is that I have embarked and am still on the journey to harness my light, and that this sanctuary and speakerphone is a medium through which I can do greater work. That somehow my thoughts  might help someone or elucidate the murky. That I can simultaneously educate and learn from those who come to this place. That stirring the milky, primordial ocean within you might form a more expansive universe of your own that you’d welcome me to visit one day.

Well, that’s just about 500 words, so for now I