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Light Hands touch, connect, affirm.

They convey, accentuate, direct.

They heal.

Tread the globe light-handed because you never know who you’ll meet. Your touch could change someone’s life as others inevitably will yours.

To be light-handed is to go beyond the left and right brain,  to plunge deep within oneself. To recognize your light amidst your darkness, harness its potential, and share it with others.

My light hands just so happen to touch the ground, often. And the dirtier they get, the brighter they shine.

Light Hands grace floors and pages.

Andrew Tevuth Mam | A-Game (Hybrid Crew/Style Elements Crew)

Andrew is a dancer, whose journey began as a Cambodian-American b-boy discovering his way through the world. With blessed footing, he has been traveling the globe and learning lessons as a young man. He has always been writing, formerly an emcee, and has dabbled a bit in spoken word poetry. Always thinking and pondering, his facebook statuses kept getting longer and longer to the dismay of the silently lazy readers in his social network, so he decided to make this blog to really stick it to them for not even getting this far into his personal description. That’ll show em Andy. That’ll show em.


twitter: @AsGoodAsME | ig: @agametheglitch

photo credit: Loreto Jamlig aka Still1

header photo credit: Mike Sato

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