Bio: Andrew Tevuth Mam aka A-Game

by andrewmam

Born in San Jose, CA to refugee parents that had escaped from the Cambodian genocidal regime of the 1970s, A-Game (birth name Andrew Tevuth Mam) was raised with the daunting directive of why he was here on this planet — “You are unbelievably, miraculously lucky to even be alive, let alone in the United States of America, now what on earth will you do to give that Life Karma back, and then some?”

Did he find an answer yet? Hell No.

But small steps climb the way to the mountain top. 

A natural leader in his formative years excelling through his education, A-Game never relinquished his attachment to the necessity of expression–a necessity born from a trans-generational trauma and sensitivity unique to his family. Taking these elements and forging them through academic study of movement artforms, philosophy, as well as a UC Berkeley education, A-Game developed an original style over the last 12 years that has gained him acclaim around the world.

His style has been described as “organic”, “authentic”, “raw”, “divisively creative”, and as “the most interesting person to watch in the room”. While placed by most on the far progressive end of the street dance spectrum, he has always viewed himself as a traditionalist student of the various urban danceforms, namely B-boying (breakdancing). A-Game is E.O.T.O. certified by his direct mentor, the globally coveted dance legend and teacher, Poe One, deeming him proficient in instructing the history and technique of B-boying. Under the guise of a Senior’s Thesis unrelated to his major, A-Game traversed the world and interviewed some of hip hop culture’s most intriguing entrepreneurs, thinkers, dancers, and innovators, seeking answers and uncovering greater questions along the way.

For the last 3 years, he has traveled with his ‘Dig Deep’ workshops instructing students on the application of various of his philosophical concepts, creative practices, and the importance of knowledge and utilizing history as a powerful, personal tool. He’s co-organized one of California’s best b-boy jams of the past decade and has separated himself as a writer and thinker in a highly physical field. What has separated him from his peers has been his ability to articulate complex ideas, something developed as an MC/Poet and student leader in his youth.

From being invited as an instructor & speaker at Universities to winning some of the nation’s biggest battles to being inducted into one of the most legendary b-boy crews of all time, A-Game has accomplished much for a young man breaking into his adult life. Gaining experience as an actor and dabbling as a model have been critical to his development as an artist and performer, but even more salient has been returning to his daunting life directive, “What will you do with the time you are given on this Earth? How will you be a light for others, and for yourself?”

And in so searching, he learned that one does not seek the light, they must be it. He goes on without his answer, but at the very least in possession of a damn good question.

Hybrid Crew since 2006
Style Elements Crew since 2011

Based in Los Angeles/Bay Area