by andrewmam

3:23pm Monday 6/17/2013

This is it. We here now. The weekend is upon us. I imagine in years time, possibly even next year, moments like these won’t exist in such a large, consuming manner anymore. But right now, this feels pretty big. Granted, yes, there is the Style Elements Anniversary weekend coming and I just want it to be the shit for everyone. We’ve done a great job marketing it IMO, now it’s just time for the follow through. On a personal level though, I have a final exam for Spanish this Weds that I am not prepared for!!! I am taking Spanish 4 at the moment and boy, it was easier in April and May but right now I’m buggin. What’s crazy is that the exam is on Weds, and everyone starts to arrive on Thursday, the event will last me through until Monday, and my final Oral Exam for Spanish is Next Weds. I will be doing my oral presentation on this event lol. 


I have come to terms with my possible grade, but honestly, I just want to pass and be done with school forever. In the future, sure, I may have the heart for school again, but right now, I’m just trying to be done. That Senior Thesis I wrote (2012) wiped me out in many regards and I am feeling it. 

Yeesh. I am getting the stress bug. These are the moments of proving myself, to myself. That I am as awesome I manifest myself to be. That my relationship with the universe and higher consciousness allows me to beam my light into the world. Time to shine.