THKSKN: Interview with A-Game on Style, Philosophy, and Story to your Clothing

by andrewmam

Hey folks, in place of something written here, I am linking you to piece written…elsewhere. Profound I know 😉

My friend Dianna aka Didi began her fashion blog a month or two ago, of which she states simply but poignantly, “write or be written.” I dig that. We met at Berkeley and have had a great many conversations, some of the most memorable on the 1st floor of Moffitt Library haha. It’s great to see her writing and sharing with the world her interests and passions. Please check her out at THKSKN

Her short blurb on our exchange:

Usually I write a little paragraph about my guest. However, I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say this post can stand on it’s own. He’s magnetic with his stories, his way of dress, his dance, his musings. I suggest you grab something to drink before delving into his stimulant philosophy about style.”