Electronic meets Organic equates Orgasmic

by andrewmam


Thanks to my homie Reggie who posted this on facebook, and Pigeonsandplanes for posting. I fucking love the BBC man. Living in the states can be tough for a music head, as you tend to delve into your little music circles and cliques, and attend events that attract niche crowds. It’s cool, sure, yes, fine, awesome. But the BBC, for an extremely centralized conglomerate producing most media for a single country, is fucking awesome. BBC radio to performances to Annie Mac’s sexy ass voice to shit like this. Jeez. I can already get the feeling that if I went to the UK, there’d be a long list of grievances awaiting me concerning their own music culture and scene, but from over here in Cali, Bay Area to be exact–I am an appreciator to the Nth.

Just watch this or even listen to it at work, and enjoy. And when they get to Jeremih – All the Time, look at Benji B’s face and tell me you weren’t thinking the same thing. Perfect.